Zinc Die-Casting

Dero can take a product from design development to a finished product, including packaging.

Our manufacturing experience in quality zinc die-casting enables us to provide our customers' products that reflect a high quality standard while meeting their individual particular requirements.

Our growing list of satisfied customers, multinationals and small enterprises alike share a common concern: Overall Product Performance.

Why Zinc Alloy?

High casting speeds, longer tool life and tighter tolerances are just some of the advantages of zinc alloys. Zinc alloys also offer more complex designs and ease of machinability and finishing. Because of their lower melting point, zinc castings can be more competitively priced as well as extending the tool life.

High Precision

Our facility is equipped with the most up-to-date machines to provide high quality precision castings. Our multi-slide die casting machines are capable of producing parts weighing less than one gram (fraction of an ounce) to 226 grams (8 ounces) and up to approximately 10 cm (4”) in overall diameter. This system offers the advantages of high cycle speeds with minimal waste and produces parts on a practically flash free basis.

Our conventional machines – up to 450 tons – can cast parts up to 7 pounds.

Our fully equipped in-house ultra-modern tool room has the capability of making high quality molds to customers’ most demanding specifications. Our total Quality Control department operates in an environment adhering to various levels of military, automotive, AQL and SPC standards, assuring our customers of total reliability using Dero made components.

In our secondary value added area we can machine on both secondary lathes as well as CNC’s, tap, drill, broach and swage as well as assemble. With close ties to many plating facilities we also offer a full range of finishes thus providing our customers with parts 100% complete to print.